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  GroupManager | Help for those who need it!

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PostSubject: GroupManager | Help for those who need it!   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:54 am

Here is the servers groups and permissions in its actual TextEdit form. This will show you the first two pages of the servers groups, permissions, prefixes and so on! I hope this helps those who have come from the youtube video "GroupManager Permissions" and also helps you understand how to configure GroupManager.

I'm allowing everyone to view this from the good of my heart Very Happy.
Hope this helps!

P.S GroupManager will change the order of what you originally put it in... this doesn't matter - as long as you set the inheritances correctly!

Page 1
Page 2

Here are some ranks. I will explain what they do.

default: false
permissions: []
inheritance: []
prefix: '&f'
build: false
suffix: ''

Okay so here we have the rank Prisoner. Because they have no inheritance they are technically the lowest rank possible. They do not have any permissions, nor can they build as the "build" node is set to false. To change this simply change false to true. Spaces and capital letters are very important. Do not use TAB! If you make one mistake the program will not properly function!!

This would be an example of the next rank for your RPG server...

default: true
- -factions.kit.fullplayer
- auction.bid
- auction.end
- auction.start
- BetterShop.user.*
- citizens.npc.talk
- citizens.trader.use.*
- citizens.use.*
- essentials.compass
- essentials.help
- essentials.list
- essentials.motd
- essentials.rules
- essentials.signs.use.buy
- essentials.signs.use.disposal
- essentials.signs.use.heal
- essentials.signs.use.sell
- essentials.signs.use.warp
- essentials.who
- factions.kit.halfplayer
- lc.level.*
- localshop.user.buy
- localshops.user.browse
- localshops.user.buy
- localshops.user.sell
- rankmeup.rankmeup
- showcase.buy.finite
- showcase.buy.infinite
- telepads.use
- Prisoner
prefix: '&f'
build: true
suffix: ''

As you can see they are set to "default: true" ... This means whenever a new person joins the server they will automatically be a peasant. As the Peasant rank has the Prisoner rank under its inheritance it is theoretically the next rank up. This is optional for this step... You could do this however you like based on what you're going for.

The '.*" node means players can use every command from that certain plugin nor node. Be very careful with what you use this for!
If you were to use "essentials.*" this would enable that group to use every possible command from essentials. A potential greif threat if you ask me!

If you would like your new members not to be able to build or use any commands it is ideal that you simply use the Prisoner rank. In this instance it would be suitable to use the inheritance node! Razz You may notice the peasant is now able to build and use new commands. The command permissions are usually found on the plugins development blog...

The prefix "&f" is white. GroupManager will always default to the color white unless you change this through another plugin such as Ichat (well suggested to use with GroupManager)

The next leading rank would be...

default: false
- citizens.use.trader
- essentials.seen
- essentials.signs.use.warp
- war.player
- war.warp
- peasant
- prisoner
prefix: '&5'
build: true
suffix: ''

As you create more and more ranks, it is important to keep on adding the previous ranks to the higher ranks inheritance list. If you don't do this you would have to manually rank each person through the "user" file instead of using the in-game /manpromote command. /manpromote relies on the inheritance nodes.

You may also notice the rank Page has a different prefix, being &5. This color would be a varied color of blue.
For a list of Minecraft's color codes visit this link HERE.

Okay! I hope this helped you with using GroupManager!
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask over youtube, this website or e-mail me over
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GroupManager | Help for those who need it!
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