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 Adminship / becoming Emperor: Guide [OUTDATED]

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PostSubject: Adminship / becoming Emperor: Guide [OUTDATED]   Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:56 am

The Admins/ Emperor Guide By Vfhnbhjvhggh
This Page is only for Admins, however those who wish to understand their system and responsibility can continue reading this note. 

To be an Admin on the 800bc Minecraft Server you must always maintain the servers balance of fun, peace and control otherwise things will begin to break down. Protections using WorldGuard will be the center of keeping this balance. 

1. To make a region, first select your two square corners using a 271 (wooden axe). 
2. Now type /region define (name) (owners) 
For Example; /region define spawn vfhnbhjvhggh

More owners can be added by using the /region addowner(or addmember) Chikincows,Rangus97.. so on

Setting something called a 'Flag' in a region is basically modifying its protection, by adding particular flags that prevent the events of something happening. For example if you wanted to stop mobs from spawning in your region the code would be,
                    / region flag (Region Name) (Flag Name) (allow/deny/amount)
  In this case, /region flag Spawn mob-spawning deny 

3.If you want someone else to build in a particular area of this region you would have to use a code called 'setparent'.
             /region setparent (outside region) (inside region) 
 Like so, /region setparent        spawn          cobdogyplot1
Please Note: Both regions must be made before setting 'parents'

Don't be fooled however, Cobdogyplot1 is already another region! You must first make the region before setting it as a 'child region.'

Moving on, you probably would have noticed their region being cobodgyplot1, this represents what type of plot it is and how many they have. There are two types of plots, land plots and city plots. cobdogy's plot in this instance is a city plot, if it were to be a land plot the code would be /region define cobdogylandplot1 cobdogy.
Never mix these two up! they go towards a list of how many plots each person has, including the land costs based on their WxL. 

** This is no longer needed for ranks, however same wording placement is required **

Minecraft Land Cost:
10x10: 600
10x15: 1000
15x15: 1800
20x20: 2500
20x30: 4000
30x30: 6000
40x40: 6000
40x50: 8000
50x50: 9000
City Cost:
10x10: 800
10x15: 1000
15x15: 1200
20x20: 1700
20x30: 2500
30x30: 4000
40x40: 10000
40x50: 20000
50x50: 30000
City Land
Outside Land:

Use this, and to check who's got what type /region list.. I personally suggest you update this often to keep track, as every rank requires a certain amount of CL (city land) to be ranked up.

Basic Admin/Emperor Rules
The following rules must always be followed, if not this will result in immediate unadminship/demotion!
[1]Ban players who use unnecessary verbal abuse after being warned. Kick members if attempting to reboot their connection, DO NOT BAN THEM!
[2] Don't be generous when things come to 'giving' players items, unless you have accidentally killed them.
[3] Do not give free items and tools without a good reason!
[4] Build major monuments, cities and so on far away from other large scale structures.
[4] NEVER avoid helping a player. However spawning items, godding or gamemoding will have you taken to your original rank.
[5] If unsure about something, ask vfhnbhjvhggh if it is appropriate at all times.
[6] Griefing or harming members can get your adminship removed.
[7] Don't ever be a smart arse or abuse your powers.
[8] If members are abusing god mode please take it off and notify all admins so their permissions can be removed.
[9] Never use /Broadcast !

In cities, make sure a players CL is only 12-14x heigh, as for the downwards length, this can be almost limitless if one likes.

This is a list of every rank and their commands, hope this comes useful to you. Page; Justifies your right to be recognised by the severs community.
To rank a member up, they must always have the right amount of money.. think of this system like a chain of inheritance or family bloodline.. ascending in order from bottom to top. Looking at the ranks below, this order goes from peasant being the lowest and, loyalty being the top (besides admins). The best way to portray how to rank one up is through an example;

"Blobcarcus193" wants to be ranked up regent, and has 80282 coins. (check with /money [player name]).
(/manpromote)       (player name)       (rank)
Now we type /manpromote blobcarcus193 Regent.
From here we must either after or before deduct the price of this rank; 60000 coins. This is done through;
/money take blobcarcus193 60000
Notice the MINUS before the money sum.
If you do not deduct the members money you will most definitely lose adminship after a second warning.

{Peasant}: Default
Ability to use faction plugins
Auction Commands
/auction bid
/auction end
/auction start
NPC Commands
Ability to talk with NPCs
Ability to trade with NPCs
/compass (Give you your bearing)
/help (Lists accessible commands at your rank)
/rules (Shows a list of server rules)
Sign Permissions
Buy from signs
Dipose of items using signs
Heal using signs
Sell items using signs
Warp using signs
/who (Give info on player)
LocalShop Commands
/buy (Buy from localshop)
/browse (Browse a localshop)
/sell (Sell to a localshop)
Ability to buy from a showcase

{Page}: $1000
Ability to trade with NPCs
/seen (Ability to see when someone was last online)
Ability to warp using signs

{Squire}: $3500
suicide ! (Kill yourself)

{Knight}: 2 City Land & $10000
/home (Teleports you to your home)
/sethome (Sets your home location)
/spawn (Teleports you to the spawn)
/tpa (Requests to teleport to specific player)

{SubTenant}: $10000
/msg (Send a private message to another player)
/pay (Pay a sum of money to another player)
/tpaccept (Accept a tpa request)
/tpdeny (Deny a tpa request)
/lwc create (Create a chest,door or furnace protection)
/lwc remove
/lwc unlock
/cast *spellname* (Cast a spell)
/learn *spellname* (Learn a spell)

{TenantsInCheif}: $15000
/afk (List yourself as afk)
/compass (Find your bearing)
/getpos (Get your coordinates)

{Captain}: $15000
/ignore (Block communications with someone)
Shop Commands
/manager add
/manager create
/manager destroy
/manager move
/manager remove
/manager select
/manager set
/manager set owner

{Count}: $25000
No added upgrades.

{Baron}: $15000
/thunder (Disable/allow thunder)

{Duke}: $40000
Sign Commands
/tpahere (Reqest to have someone teleport to you)

{Regent}: $60000
/jump (Teleport to where your cursor is pointing)
/top (Teleport to the top brick of your current coordinate)
/mute (Mute a player)
/kickall (Be warned, if abused you may be banned for a set period of time)

{Loyalty}: $80000
/back (Return to previous location before teleporting)
/god (Become invincible)
/item <item!numeric> [amount <enchantmentname[]...] (Spawn an item)
/listwarp (List warps)
/setwarp (Set a warp)
/time (Set the time)
/warp (Warp to a set warp)
/weather (Set the weather)

{Kings}: $150000
/warp *coordinate*
/unlimited *item*

{Emperor}: Unbuyable
This rank is a rank which will only be awarded to people who have been appreciated by the whole community and who have less than one breach of our rules. You may only obtain this rank after at least a year of gaming on 800BC.
To get this rank you MUST fill out a form (lower down the page) and send it to vfhnbhjvhggh. If you pass it (which must be 98 percent or higher) you then must build an impressible structure. One all criteria are met you will become an Emperor!

800BC Application Forum
- Emperor

The promotion of this rank requires certain criteria and personal responsibilities and/or expectations to be followed. If twice a member breaks any rule this rank is stripped or, if the breach is severe enough banned/ demoted to a lower rank. Once promoted to the rank of kings or higher you accept that you are responsible for your actions... 800BC expects you to be a responsible member of the society and most importantly, make sure you create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

1. Purchased 3 or more land plots in an admin-official city. For example the spawn (OUTDATED)
2. Been apart of the server for more than a year.
3. Is accomplished and appreciated by all staff and members.
4. Has minuscule history of breaching rules.
5. Has proven he/she can build to a certain acclaimed level
6. Understands the use of worldedit and essentials
7. Is over the age of 12
8. Owns an account on the forum
9. Has filled in the criteria on this application…
10. Understand the servers rules thoroughly

Application Forum: Questions (Send this to vfhnbhjvhggh once complete)
1. How many land plots do you own?
2. Roughly how long have you been apart of the server (doesn’t have to be more or less than a year)
3. Which members do you mostly get along with or play along with?
4. Have you introduced any other members into the server? If so; who?
5. Have you Brocken any rules?
6. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
7. Do you consider yourself as a good builder?
8. How old are you?
9. Do you believe it is right to gamemode others?
10. Do you believe it is right to spawn items and sell them?
11. If a member asks for some ingots, what do you do?
12. You discover someone is using client mods or hacks. What do you do?
13. Please explain some important rules of the server and if possible, think of one yourself to contribute to our list of rules.

WorldEdit Questions
1. If you make a mistake using worldedit, what would you type to undo a previous action?
2. Instead of using //pos1 and //pos2, what is another method of using WE?
3. What would you do to set your area to cobblestone?
4. What command creates 4 walls?
5. How would you create a hollow cylinder?
6. How would you create a forest using one simple command?
7. You see some water is uneven and has been tampered with. How would you fix this?
8. There is a fire! What do you do?
9. An area is looking awfully greifed and there is no hope in restoring it… or is there? What would you do and type?

Please also read the admins guide if you wish to develop a greater understanding of how the server works. This may come in handy for future times.

This application forum may be changed in later time.
All forms must be sent to vfhnbjvhggh or message bank via email at jonathanedelstein@hotmail.com

Written by vfhnbhjvhggh.

If you plan on rising the ranks to the very top, you will have spent AT LEAST $289,500 and gained 6 City Land. Please also bear in mind that you can NOT ask for admin. Doing so will most likely result in a mute or kick if you persist.
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Adminship / becoming Emperor: Guide [OUTDATED]
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