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 Beginner Tutorial: 1.10.2

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PostSubject: Beginner Tutorial: 1.10.2   Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:41 pm

A lot has changed in the Minecraft world since 800BC was last a large server (2013 and beyond).
Times have changed - and therefore, new and improved plugins have been implemented for an epic experience.

Here's what to know about as a starter:

1. On your first time logging in, you are given a starter pack, which also includes a wand. The magic you learn on this wand is ITEM BOUND. Meaning if you lose it, you've also lost the spells with it. You do not however, lose your personal SP (skill points) or ranking progression. It simply means that you'll need to make a new wand.

Crafting a wand --> Place a nether star on top of a blaze rod.
I understand this can be a pain, and so, you may ask an moderator or myself to spawn you in a new one too (:

Levelling up wands: Have it in your hand, and press on any enchantment table.
For more information about the use of magic, head over to: http://magic.elmakers.com/#wands

Shops are no longer command based! All you need to do is find a 'Merchant' NPC (villager) and click on them. A dialogue box will open up where you can buy/sell items. Each shop is categorised, meaning there are different shops for different purposes.
The SPAWN features a blacksmith, a farmer, and an ingot dealer. The ingot dealer is SUPER valuable in terms of money making, as you can sell your ores for profit.

THAT'S RIGHT! Exploring tombs has never been better! You are more than likely going to stumble across ruined forts and tombs, or even hidden caves. When you do, be sure to loot the crap out of them, as this is a fast way of finding rare loot and drops. Be sure to bring yourself a team of players to help. Some areas are impossible to complete without a second or even third hand.

Factions is back. Use this to protect your land and group up with friends to prevent accidental PvP damage when fighting other entities.

~~~ I guess those are the essential things to know! More of the server's functions can easily be learned through gameplay online.
Thanks for giving this a read (:~~~
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Beginner Tutorial: 1.10.2
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