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 Application :D

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PostSubject: Application :D   Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:03 pm

I have not bought any land plots on the server but i could later on.
I have not been playing on the server for very long which i would understand to not be promoted straight away but to be watched under to make sure i am a trust worthy staff member.
I find Marlie2u to be quite a helpful and kind staff member in this servers community as well as IronMiner23
I have invited a couple friends including, Pugg_o3o, KatsO_o, blushful
I have not broken any of the server rules including, Be respectful, Ethical and use Common sense
I have been playing minecraft for 3-4 years and i am on fairly often. I’d be able to get on the server once everyday or two days
I do not really think of myself to be a good builder but at the same i do not think i am a bad builder as i am alright with small details but i tend to rush building.
I am 13 years old and my birthday is on December 22
It is most certainly not right to game mode other players without consent of the owner or for a good reason.
Giving players items for no reason is a very unfair on others as it gives them an advantage others do not have. Unless the player needs the item for a good reason or had died unfairly items should not be gave to any players.
I would tell the player that they need to earn ingots on there own and i cannot help them as it is abuse of my power.
I would watch them under a close eye to make sure they do hack as i do not want to false ban them. If they were hacking i would ban them but how long on the ban depends on what hacks they used.
The rules of the server include
Use common sense
Be ethical
Be respectful
Some rules that could be added to /rules would be
No Hacking  
Keep it PG
Do not be racist

I am very sorry that it is not very long
-KatzO_o Razz
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PostSubject: Review   Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:09 pm

Thank you very much for applying (:
I will consider this over the next few weeks and determine if you're fit for Emperorship (:

I understand why you may not have been aware of the current rules, as it has not yet been updated on essentials /rules !

Here's the old one from the forum.

Please give that a read, and actually, I will add some of your suggestions too.

See you on the server (:
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Application :D
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