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 Ranks & Their Commands + Costs [OUTDATED]

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PostSubject: Ranks & Their Commands + Costs [OUTDATED]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:55 am

The following guide is intended to show you the requirements to obtain a rank and the permissions/commands that you will have access to upon obtaining your rank. Please bear in mind that abusing the powers that come with a rank will simply result in you losing those privileges.

{Peasant}: Default
Ability to use faction plugins
Auction Commands
/auction bid
/auction end
/auction start
NPC Commands
Ability to talk with NPCs
Ability to trade with NPCs
/compass (Give you your bearing)
/help (Lists accessible commands at your rank)
/rules (Shows a list of server rules)
Sign Permissions
Buy from signs
Dipose of items using signs
Heal using signs
Sell items using signs
Warp using signs
/who (Give info on player)
LocalShop Commands
/buy (Buy from localshop)
/browse (Browse a localshop)
/sell (Sell to a localshop)
Ability to buy from a showcase

{Page}: $1000
Ability to trade with NPCs
/seen (Ability to see when someone was last online)
Ability to warp using signs

{Squire}: $3500
suicide ! (Kill yourself)

{Knight}: 2 City Land & $10000
/home (Teleports you to your home)
/sethome (Sets your home location)
/spawn (Teleports you to the spawn)
/tpa (Requests to teleport to specific player)

{SubTenant}: $10000
/msg (Send a private message to another player)
/pay (Pay a sum of money to another player)
/tpaccept (Accept a tpa request)
/tpdeny (Deny a tpa request)
/lwc create (Create a chest,door or furnace protection)
/lwc remove
/lwc unlock
/cast *spellname* (Cast a spell)
/learn *spellname* (Learn a spell)

{TenantsInCheif}: $15000
/afk (List yourself as afk)
/compass (Find your bearing)
/getpos (Get your coordinates)

{Captain}: $15000
/ignore (Block communications with someone)
Shop Commands
/manager add
/manager create
/manager destroy
/manager move
/manager remove
/manager select
/manager set
/manager set owner

{Count}: $25000
No added upgrades.

{Baron}: $15000
/thunder (Disable/allow thunder)

{Duke}: $40000
Sign Commands
/tpahere (Reqest to have someone teleport to you)

{Regent}: $60000
/jump (Teleport to where your cursor is pointing)
/top (Teleport to the top brick of your current coordinate)
/mute (Mute a player)
/kickall (Be warned, if abused you may be banned for a set period of time)

{Loyalty}: $80000
/back (Return to previous location before teleporting)
/god (Become invincible)
/item <item!numeric> [amount <enchantmentname[]...] (Spawn an item)
/listwarp (List warps)
/setwarp (Set a warp)
/time (Set the time)
/warp (Warp to a set warp)
/weather (Set the weather)

{Kings}: $150000
/warp *coordinate*
/unlimited *item*

{Emperor}: Unbuyable
This rank is a rank which will only be awarded to people who have been appreciated by the whole community and who have less than one breach of our rules. You may only obtain this rank after at least a year of gaming on 800BC.

If you plan on rising the ranks to the very top, you will have spent AT LEAST $289,500 and gained 6 City Land. Please also bear in mind that you can NOT ask for admin. Doing so will most likely result in a mute or kick if you persist.
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Ranks & Their Commands + Costs [OUTDATED]
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