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 Server Online Rules & Conduct

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PostSubject: Server Online Rules & Conduct    Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:08 am

The following list are the rules one can view using the '/rules' command.
If any of these rules are broken, punishments will be given in relation to how serious the breach is.
If it is only a minor breach, you will be warned. On a third warning you will be temporarily banned. Send a ban appeal if you wish to redeem yourself and tell describe what you did, how it was wrong so on...
Anywho if you stick to these ethical rules the problem of getting in trouble wont arise!  

[1] Be respectful
[2] Be ethical
[3] Use common sense (Which Isn't so common)
[4] Do not build on water or in the sky
[5] Do not swear of cuss to other players
[6] Advertising other servers can get you banned
[7] ANY use of mods or glitches to alter gameplay will get you banned. e.g. flying, Piston glitching or using inventory hacks
[8] At the rank of Loyalty it is illegal to spawns items for other members
[9] Buildings over 24 blocks high will be removed
[10] Please avoid building 1x1 towers
[11] Do not ask any admins for items, money or hassle them for assistance
[12] Do not greif
[13] Please notify an Admin if there is a problem with the server or another player
[14] Any form of prejudice may result in a permanent ban
[14] Good job doing you a haps and fun (:

This next rule is not exactly a... rule... however it is notable.
"If you are to report someone for a ban, make sure it is valid and bring evidence. This could be a chat, screenshot and so on. If the person is innocent, you may take the charges."
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Server Online Rules & Conduct
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